Monday, January 31, 2011

Section VI

Final Chapter
The most crucial point made at the end of the book was, “With Increased international educational cooperation and collaboration (an essential 21st century skill!) Every country can play a part in building a global learning network as powerful and pervasive as our existing business, financial, and communications global networks.” Twenty-first century skills are not a need in the United States, rather they are a need for the entire world. Education is finally being viewed worldwide as the “golden ticket to a brighter economic future.” The future lies in the hands of our educational systems. Students are already globally connected through various worldwide programs. Adults need to continue to get on board.
The needs of the 21st century include a healthy economy, having affordable and sustainable energy and a healthy environment, and eliminating poverty. These issues are not specific to the United States; again, they are issues that face the entire world. These issues will be remedied through the hard work of students who have the skills necessary to solve these complex problems. The final quote in the book was very telling, “It’s time to give all our students the chance to learn how to build a better world.”

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